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“We had a fantastic time! I don't think Chris and I have stopped talking about it since. I think my wife would like to choke me as I am seriously considering a return trip and I have a feeling the rest of the group is considering it also. There may even be a few more guys; I detected a little jealously from some friends and family when they heard about the great time we had.  Thank you for your hospitality and professionalism.  This was my first fishing trip to Canada and I can honestly say you run a most excellent outfit.”


--Jeremy Damgaard, Iowa

Members of the 2006 Master Angler Club



Al Sowers
John Cerajewski
Bill Porter
Alec Jackman
John Faber
Bob Ostrowski
Andre Lanthier
John Lappe
Carl Thelen
Andy Eppmeyer
John Shepard
Cary Thelen
Bill Tess
John Skaden
Dale Botten
Bob Fisch
Kelly Krause
Dave Hoese
Bob Kennedy
Larry Wile
Dave Swanson
Bob Weske
Larry Skramstad
Don Partin
Brian Eppmeyer
Larry Turner
Doug Ernest
Cary Thelen
Lee Theis
Doug Hoese
Charles Deal
Mark Pueschel
Ed Linsmeyer
Chip Thompson
Mark Reynolds
Eric Mack
Chris Lanthier
Mark Rue
Ernie Francl
Chuck Englebert
Mark Turner
Frank Zilka
Chuck Meyer
Marv Theis
Greg Anderson
Chuck Thompson
Matt Auberle
Gregg Schmidt
Craig Fowler
Mike Biscaro
Hans Wiegert
Dale Schneiderman
Mike Dorl
Jeremy Kunz
Dan Paulson
Mike Honea
Jevne Arreazola
Dan Sylvester
Mike Jorgenson
Jim Gehrig
Dan Wallerich
Mike Scheibel
Jim Pedric
Dave Boex
Mitch McFarland
Joel Muller
Dave Freitag
Nate Thesing
John Shields
Dave Hoese
Nick Lanthier
Justin Michlig
Dave Sawiak
Nick Thesing
Keevn Otte
Dave Swanson
Nils Swanson
Keith Thesing
Dave Wallerich
Pete Petroff
Kory Watson
Dave Walsh
Randy Kupser
Larry Ketcher
David Raffel
Roger Pacyga
Larry Turner
Dean Voss
Ron Hendrickson
Larry Wile
Deb Griffiths
Ron Read
Laura Radtke
Dennis Richardson
Ron Zube
Mark Bacon
Dennis Sigl
Russ Bense
Mark Hobson
Dick Rominski
Sarah Longhofer
Mark Michlig
Don Theis
Scott Sapper
Mark Pueschel
Doug Ernest
Scott Wedemeier
Mark Rue
Doug Hoese
Steve Baumgartel
Matt Vandyk
Duke Plamann
Steve Franklin
Michael Marshall
Dustin Johnson
Steve Hildabrands
Mike Biscaro
Ed Linsmeyer
Steve Michalek Jr
Naomi Hobson
Erik Hildebrandt
Steven Shidla
Nick Lanthier
Garret McCowen
Terry Rolles
Nick Maltsch
Gary Grote
Terry Shidla
Patrick Sweeney
Gary Hartwig
Tim Danberry
Ray McAllister
Gary Maechtle
Tim Gorman
Rick Laska
Gary Payne
Todd Sapper
Rob Kritzer
Gerry Kodet
Tom Belland
Ron Henrickson
Gerry Lutz
Tom Cooper
Ron Nichols
Greg Lanthier
Tom Daugherty
Sam Remillard
Jack Boex
Tom Madden
Terry Leclair
Jack Ostrowski
Tom Michel
Tim Little
Jason Rice
Tom Peterson
Wayne Osborn
Jay Mattern
Tom Schultz
Willy Schultz
Jeff Jackman
Wally VanEps

Jeff Vanderlinde
Walt Lorman

Jerry Malo
Walt Nuckols

Jim Jacques
Warren Leichty

Joe Honea
Warren Wiedower

Joe Puccinelli
Wes Skaden

Willy Schultz